In the past Leadership Series had the themes “Rediscovering the Middle East” (2012) and “Africa- Shining with Possibilities” (2013) which focused on business opportunities and political issues in West Asia and Africa respectively.

This year the event brings into focus Europe and how it is building partnerships and transcending boundaries. Europe is in the process of recovering from the financial crisis and hence it is time that businesses focus on the European Markets to reap fortunes.


In this globalized era, Europe is now looking for to breaking their geographical boundaries and tap any resource. Through this theme, we hope to highlight the various opportunities and benefits India and the rest of the world can avail from Europe.

Thus this year’s edition of the Leadership Series has been labelled:

Europe: Building Partnerships and Transcending Boundaries


Leadership Series 2014 Manifesto:
This year, the Leadership Series is not just for the benefit of SIIBians, but also for the benefit of other B-School students.
The plan is to make this event available for viewing for anyone interested. This would be achieved by uploading the entire recording of the program online in public forums like YouTube, Facebook etc.
We intend to live stream the proceedings and get media coverage in both National and International media.
As in previous year, this year also we are conducting a Model United Nations-General Assembly in SIIB at a large scale involving student delegates from all over the country. This event is scheduled on 4th and 5th of September, 2014 from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.